Akbar Brothers Sets Sustainability Benchmark in Tea Industry with Eco Label Achievement

Akbar Brothers Limited, Sri Lanka’s leading tea exporter, has once again underscored its commitment to sustainability by securing the prestigious Eco Label for its subsidiary, Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd. This accolade highlights the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices and positions it as a pioneer in the global tea industry’s shift towards greater sustainability.

Founded on the rich legacy of Ceylon tea cultivation, the Akbarally family has propelled Akbar Brothers to the forefront of the tea export market since 1992 through a relentless focus on quality. This tradition of excellence now includes a significant stride towards environmental stewardship, with Quick Tea being recognized as Asia’s first carbon inset company. This status, verified by the Sustainable Future Group, signifies Quick Tea’s achievement of net zero emissions by offsetting its own carbon footprint, showcasing an exemplary model of responsible business practice within the industry.

The Eco Label, conferred by the National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka (NCPC-SL), identifies products that are environmentally sustainable, minimally impact human health, and are produced ethically. As a rigorous third-party certification, it provides a trusted mark of quality and sustainability, assuring consumers and stakeholders of the product’s environmental credentials.

Mr. Tyeab Akbarally, Managing Director of Akbar Brothers, expressed pride in this landmark achievement, stating, “Securing the Eco Label and being acknowledged as Asia’s first carbon inset company is a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. This recognition validates our efforts in achieving net zero emissions and marks a significant milestone in setting new environmental standards in the tea industry. We are honoured to lead by example, demonstrating that harmonizing successful business operations with environmental respect is possible and imperative for the future.”

The Eco Label certification process, administered by NCPC-SL, a member of the Global Eco Label Network (GEN), is underpinned by the principles of ISO 14024, aiming to establish high standards across various product categories. This initiative is part of Sri Lanka’s broader commitment to sustainability, supported by international organizations like UNIDO and UNEP.

Akbar Brothers’ journey towards sustainability extends beyond mere business objectives; it is a reflection of a profound respect for nature and a commitment to the well-being of Sri Lankan communities. The company’s efforts ensure that the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and the prosperity of its people are preserved and enhanced in conjunction with the success of Akbar Ceylon Tea.

By achieving the Eco Label and being recognized for its carbon-neutral operations, Akbar Brothers reaffirms its leadership in sustainable business practices and sets a benchmark for the industry at large. In an era where environmental conservation is increasingly critical, Akbar Brothers stands out as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the viability of integrating ambitious business goals with comprehensive environmental stewardship.

This recognition serves as a milestone for Akbar Brothers and the global tea industry, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable and responsible business practices. Through its pioneering efforts, Akbar Brothers continues to inspire a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.