Lemon Green Tea

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Akbar Lemon Flavoured Green Tea, meticulously sourced from the finest tea gardens nestled in Yunnan and Jiangxi, Eastern China. This exquisite blend invites you to discover the harmonious fusion of premium green tea leaves and the refreshing zest of lemon. Crafted with precision and care, each sip encapsulates the essence of nature's finest offerings. Indulge your senses in the invigorating aroma and vibrant citrus notes, a testament to Akbar commitment to exceptional quality. Delight in a tea experience that transcends boundaries, offering a rejuvenating and revitalizing escape with every perfectly balanced cup.

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  • Lemon green tea - String and Tag - 25x2g

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    Green Tea Delight your senses with Akbar Green tea, a delicious green tea selected from some of the finest tea gardens of Yunnan and Jiangxi in Eastern China. This tea is harvested in spring and traditionally processed. This tea does not undergo fermentation thereby retaining all the nutritive value of the primeval green tea leaf. Its sweet lingering flavour and refreshing taste is popular among tea enthusiast the world over.