Gold Tea

Product Code: Envelop

Cultivated in the finest highlands of Sri Lanka, FBOP tea is famous for its high content of tips-unblown tea buds, which can be found only in carefully handpicked elite teas. Delight your senses with its wonderful fragrant aroma, rich flavour and bright colour. Ideal for morning cup of tea.

Product Options

  • Gold tea - Envelop - 100x2g
  • Gold tea - String and Tag - 25x2g
  • Gold tea - String and Tag - 50x2g
  • Gold tea - String and Tag - 100x2g
  • Gold tea - Tins - 100g
  • Gold tea - Tins - 225g
  • Gold tea - Tins - 450g
  • Gold tea - Loose Tea - 100g
  • Gold tea - Loose Tea - 250g
  • Gold tea - Loose Tea - 500g

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    Akbar is a blend of the finest “small leaf” Ceylon tea grown between 4000 and 6500 feet in the mountain range of Ceylon where the air is crisp and pure. As a result it has its pleasing aroma, bright colour and rich smooth flavour.