AKBAR Triumphs as Export Brand of the Year 2023 at SLIM Brand Excellence Awards

In a dazzling celebration of marketing prowess and brand supremacy, the 22nd SLIM Brand Excellence Awards unfolded with unprecedented flair. Among the illustrious winners, Akbar Brothers Pvt Ltd emerged triumphant, clinching the prestigious Export Brand of the Year 2023 (Bronze) accolade for its distinguished brand “AKBAR.” This recognition cemented Akbar Brothers’ position as the World’s Largest Ceylon Tea Exporter and a stalwart leader in the procurement and export of the finest Ceylon tea.

With a rich heritage spanning over 50 years, Akbar Brothers has been a trailblazer in exporting the highest quality Sri Lankan tea to the world. The brand has not merely thrived on delivering exceptional tea but has also become a global ambassador, sharing the simple pleasure of a delicious cup of Ceylon tea with connoisseurs worldwide.

At the heart of Akbar Brothers’ success lies a commitment that transcends the boundaries of conventional tea trading. Beyond impeccable purchasing practices, the brand is dedicated to knowledge enhancement, drawing from its extensive experience and best practices. This commitment is disseminated across stakeholders, ensuring the holistic development of the tea industry.

The Sri Lankan export industry, particularly in the realm of Ceylon tea, holds a significant position on the global stage. Akbar Brothers’ recognition as the Export Brand of the Year is not only a triumph for the brand but also a testament to the excellence of Sri Lanka’s export sector.

The SLIM Brand Excellence Awards, renowned as a celebration of national-level brand excellence, reached new heights this year with a record-breaking number of 175 entries. The awards, categorized into five primary segments, witnessed a rigorous evaluation process by a panel of distinguished juries.

The coveted Export Brand of the Year award reinforces Akbar Brothers’ commitment to excellence. It is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and its pivotal role in propelling Sri Lanka’s export industry to greater heights.

In the symphony of unparalleled innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication, Akbar Tea stands as a beacon of excellence. This accolade acknowledges the tireless commitment of Akbar Brothers’ talented employees and underscores the invaluable support of the brand’s esteemed worldwide partners.

The SLIM Brand Excellence Awards are pivotal in elevating marketing to a central economic influence. The awards underscore SLIM’s commitment to assisting organizations in developing and executing powerful marketing strategies that not only succeed in the market but also win the hearts of consumers. The Brand Excellence Awards serve as a platform to celebrate the dedicated efforts and concrete results of companies and brands that have reached noteworthy achievements over the past year.