Covid19 Update

Agile and persistent- for Humanity

With the onslaught of restrictions and isolation, Akbar Brothers prioritized the well-being and safety of the employees and community at large. With financial allowances, essential distributions and national donations, Akbar Brothers led the nation to security.


Our primary reflex was to ensure our employees and their families are safe, healthy, and secure. Empowerment of people and decision-making at the right level enabled our organization a quicker and more effective response towards the pandemic. Covid-19 has helped Akbar Brothers Group become more risk-ready and we have discovered new ways to adapt, especially with the digitalization of our processes.

The digitization of the 126 year old manual tea auction process was a positive transformation due to the outbreak and is an indication of better things to come with further innovation and digitization in other aspects of the tea industry.

The coronavirus crisis has created a practical and ethical imperative for us to do more work that matters. Akbar Brothers, now look at the more fundamental ways in which the pandemic has altered us and our processes, revealing new priorities, capabilities and outlook.


For 3500 families in Colombo, Wattala, Kelaniya, Handela.

Akbar Brothers (Pvt) Ltd reached out to the local community, including but not limiting to families of employees and places of worship, amidst the island-wide lock-down imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was to ensure that families in the communities were well sustained during this testing time period and we could uplift as many households as possible. A significant donation was also made to the National Covid Fund, in order to help the economy battle the virus on a financial ground.