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    How to become an Akbar Tea agent?
    Thank you for considering a business association with us. We would appreciate if you could share with us your company details, tea requirements and destination of import. These details will be sent to our internal team, and the relevant personnel from our organization will be in touch with you soon.
    If you want to place a b2b bulk order, please reach out to us on with your company details, tea requirements and destination of import.
    Akbar Brothers has completed 52 years successfully, in the Sri Lankan Tea Industry along with a family legacy of tea merchants dating back to 1907.
    "The exact caffeine content cannot be deduced as it depends on many factors like the quantity of tea used, amount of time it was steeped for and more. However, tea contains less caffeine than coffee. A rough estimate of the caffeine content is as follows: Black tea usually contains 20mg of caffeine per 100grams (source Green tea contains 7.6mg of caffeine per 100ml. And herbal teas do not contain any caffeine."
    The MOQ varies according to order requirements. Please share your tea import requirements to
    We would love to help launch your very own brand of teas. We offer the best teas, produced and packed as per your very own requirements at competitive prices.
    It takes approximately 2 weeks to ship the products to its destination. The duration depends on the purchase quantity and urgency of need and more. But if you have urgent orders to meet, we use air freight.
    We are ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certified, along with FairTrade, GMP and HACCP.
    We are halal and kosher certified.
    Teas usually do not have an expiry date, although we do put a date of expiry which indicates the maximum time period during which the best flavour can be derived.
    Yes, we do produce organic tea.
    It is a certification of proof for supporting the sustainable growth and ethical production and trading of the ingredients. This practice includes fair wages, environmentally friendly procedures and community development.