For nearly as long as fine Ceylon tea has been cultivated on the Sri Lanka’s mountain slopes, the Akbarally family has been involved in its selection, blending, packaging and export. Today the firm still owned and managed by members of this family is Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporter, a position it has enjoyed unchallenged since 1992. Currently it exports about a fifth of the country’s annual production.

Akbar Brothers holds closely to principles established by its revered founders, Abbas and Inayet Akbarally: an emphasis on product quality based on exhaustive knowledge and experience of tea and the tea industry, and a business culture that places the highest value on fair dealing, integrity and reliability. To this day, every consignment of Akbar tea is personally approved by a family member before it is shipped.

In addition to being one of Sri Lanka’s foremost exporters of Teas, Akbar Brothers has successfully diversified into a range of sectors through strategic reinvention and expansion. Today, the Group has a firm presence in the sectors of Tea, Power Generation, Healthcare, Packaging, Property Development and Environmental Services. www.akbargroup.lk

Akbar Brand

Akbar Tea is the company’s flagship brand, marketed worldwide in a wide range of variants, including many special and premium lines. In the past five years, sales have experienced unprecedented growth, at an average rate of over 30 percent per annum.

Under the Akbar brand umbrella, the company offers a comprehensive product range: traditional black and green tea in loose packs and tea-bags, together with flavoured & herbal teas and a variety of different packaging options.

Akbar keeps pace with the market by constantly updating its product range and packaging to stay abreast of global trends. The Akbar range is priced to offer the best value to consumers while holding to the highest quality standards.

The teas are packed at the company’s state-of the-art production facility, which features high-tech automated processing and packaging to ensure top quality.


As tea merchants owning a unique family tradition stretching back over 100 years, it was natural indeed for Akbar Brothers Limited to become the first ever Sri Lankan tea company to be awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9001 and HACCP quality certificates. Prior to that, the prestigious 'Lion' logo endorsement of Sri Lanka Tea Board for Pure Ceylon Tea was awarded as well. More wholesome and decisive acclaim came from the Sri Lanka Marketing Institute when they consistently honored 'Akbar' tea as the "International Brand of the Year". These come as further confirmation of the superiority of the overall quality of this flagship brand of finest Ceylon tea.

Stringent quality control at Akbar Brothers premises has been primarily entrusted to a workforce of dedicated, experienced and qualified personnel. Their task is aided by the high-tech state-of-the-art machinery imported from Germany , Italy and Japan and the other latest communication systems in place.

Nevertheless, since quality of tea is a time-honored tradition in Akbar brothers' family, a family member is always at hand to personally check into the quality of tea. Consistent checking for quality occurs at purchasing, storing, processing and just prior to loading for shipment.

Awards & Certifications

Akbar Brothers has marked 20 years as Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporter with 2013 shipments topping 50 million kilos worth over Rs. 32 billion in valuable foreign exchange to the country.

Presidential Export Awards

  • Sri Lankan Exporter of the Year 2006
  • Best Value Added Tea Exporter 2006
  • Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Exporter to the Highest number of Destinations 2006
  • Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Merit Award for Value Tea Exporter 2006
  • Winner of the “Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter” 2007
  • Highest Net Foreign Exchange Earner 2008
  • Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Exporter to Highest number of Destinations 2008
  • Best Value Added Tea Exporter 2008
  • Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Merit Award–Value Added Tea Exporter 2008
  • Highest Net Foreign Exchange Earner 2009
  • Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Exporter to Highest number of Destinations 2009
  • Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd - Best Value Added Tea Exporter 2009
  • Merit Award–Value Added Tea Exporter2009
  • Best Tea Sector Exporter 2010
  • Best Sri Lankan Overall Exporter 2010
  • Best Tea Sector Exporter 2011
  • Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter 2012
  • Best Tea Sector Exporter 2012
  • Best Tea Sector Exporter 2013
  • Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter 2013
  • Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter 2014
  • Highest Foreign Exchange Earner -Tea Sector 2014
  • Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter 2015
  • Most Market Diversified Exporter 2015
  • Highest Foreign Exchange Earner -Tea Sector 2015
  • Best Sri Lankan Export Brand 2016
  • Highest Foreign Exchange Earner -Tea Sector 2016
  • Highest Value Added Exporter-Tea Sector 2016
  • Best Sri Lankan Export Brand 2017
  • Highest Foreign Exchange Earner -Tea Sector 2017

SLIM - Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing - (Brand Excellence Award)

  • Winner of the “International Brand of the Year”
  • ‘AKBAR’ brand - 2005 & 2006 Gold Award
  • Export Brand of the Year - (Akbar Brand) 2011

National Chamber of Commerce

  • Quick Tea Pvt Ltd - National Business Excellence Award - 2004

Tea Board - National Tea Awards

  • Best Tea Exporter of the Year 2016
  • Best Bulk Tea Exporter - Large Scale Category 2016
  • Best Value Added Tea Exporter- Large Scale Category 2016
  • Highest Foreign Exchange Earner - Bulk Tea Category 2016
  • Highest Foreign Exchange Earner - Value added Tea Category 2016
  • Highest Tea Market Coverage 2016

Ministry of Plantation Industry

  • Largest Foreign Exchange Earner - Tea Exports 2013
  • Best Tea Exporter (Large Scale) 2013
  • Best Brand Owner (Large Scale) 2013
  • Best Value Added Exporter (Large Scale) 2013
  • Best Exporter who penetrated into new Tea Markets 2013

Business Superbrands Ltd

  • Super Brands Award 2008


  • ISO 9001
  • GMP
  • ISO 22000
  • HAC - Halal